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The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide 2018

There was a time where I was the absolute worst gift giver. There were like 3 holiday seasons where my boyfriend would actually return all my presents haha (Thanks Mark). I was always SO CLOSE - like had the right idea, but just chose the wrong item. For example, when Mark got his first teaching job, I wanted to buy him a new briefcase (great idea). However, I went so over the top and bought him a leather Ralph Lauren briefcase that was over $500.00. Although it was a great and thoughtful gift, this briefcase was SO HEAVY. By the time he put his computer and papers in it, it deserved to have wheels hahaha. So, looking back - that was not a great gift because it wasn't very useful and just because it was expensive, didn't mean it was a good gift.

I like to buy things that are practical and add value to someone's life! But also items that the recipient wouldn't normally buy for themselves. For example, about 2 years ago, I bought Mark a giant fuzzy bathrobe (dressing gown for all my British friends) from John Lewis (linked here). I don't think he was thrilled when he opened it (he was like 'ahhhh thanks Bar...'), but I swear he has used it almost every day for the past 2 years. He practically lives in it! This was exactly the kind of thing he wouldn't buy himself, but gets so much use out of! Winning.

So, I created a list of my top 15 gift ideas for this holiday season. Although they are mainly aimed for women, there is something for absolutely everyone! The overarching theme of my gift guide is definitely everything cozy and relaxing, just how I picture the holiday season. Below I linked where you guys can buy them, and any discounts I may have!!!

Enjoy :)

Bari The Dietitian's Holiday Gift Guide

1. Crockpot. Perfect for making winter chilis, soups and stews. Great for anyone who likes to cook, meal prep, or has time restrictions in the kitchen.

2. Origins Mask Trio Gift Set. These are not just for women - guys want their face to feel soft as well!

3. Top Shop Fuzzy Bathrobe (dressing gown). It's basically a fleece blanket that you wear around the house. Everyone should have one.

4. Huggable Avocado Cooling + Heating Pillow. I mean, is this not the cutest thing in the world!! Who doesn't love a warm pillow in the winter, especially when it's an avocado!

5. 23andMe DNA Testing. I think this is the coolest gift for anyone. It is so interesting to see the results and I will 100% be buying this for my parents this year.

6. Cozy and Chic Slippers. I linked my personal favorite Free People slippers, but any slippers are a great holiday gift for men and women!

7. Sweaty Betty Base Layers. Intentionally designed for the slopes, these Base Layers are the ultimate winter thermals. I have a pair from last year and they are so cozy. Great for winter hikes or camping as well!

8. Because every puppy needs an UGG coat, right?! Haha, I bought this for my puppy for his winter walks and he LOVES it!

9. DIY your own Spice Kit from Fresh Jax. I love this spice company and this is a perfect way to personalize a gift for a loved one who loves to cook. My personal favorite it the Maple Cinnamon. Also, use code "barithedietitian" for 15% off!

10. Healthy Human 12 oz. Cruiser. I absolutley love this little cup! For those sustainable or eco-friendly friends, this cup is perfect. Keeps drinks both hot or cold and comes with a stainless steel straw. I love this for my lattes and smoothies. Use code "barith10" for 10% off on Amazon.

11. My Build A Bowl With Bari EBOOK! Launches on Cyber Monday so keep checking and subscribe to my mailing list for an exclusive offer!

12. Wine Glass Markers. I received these a few years ago and they are incredible!! During the holidays, or even dinner parties, everyone glass of wine looks the same. No longer do you have to search for the one with your lipstick haha. Such a great gift to bring to a dinner party.

13. NEOM Lavender and Jasmine Pillow Spray. I spray this on my pillow every night before bed and it really helps you relax and fall to sleep.

14. Best Self Journal is the perfect gift for the friend that loves to stay organized or likes to plan. Also great for that friend who has big plans for 2019!

15. Cozy Pajama Set from J.Crew! Everyone loves a chic pajama set.

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