• Bari Stricoff, MSc, RDN

Product Review: Sea 2 Table

I recently collaborated with an incredible brand called Sea 2 Table – a company that makes sustainably caught fish readily available to consumers. Sea 2 Table works with independent fisherman from docks across the US to provide fresh, wild caught, traceable, domestic, sustainable, flash frozen fish right to your doorstep! I received a complementary “starter pack” for my review and collaboration, so here it goes…

Wednesday evening, I received an email that my fish had been shipped with a tracking number. Thursday afternoon – my insulated package was on my doorstep – AMAZING! My starter pack included 2 servings of Alaskan Coho Salmon, Wild Gulf Shrimp and Northwest Pacific Cod! Each package even had a label stating where it was caught, the method used by the fisherman and the name of the boat! Now, I think that’s incredible because the company really prides itself on transparency of its products.

The quality of the fish was very impressive. As a daughter of a chef who was trained at the ripe age of 10 how pick fresh fish at the market – I can verify that the products I received were fantastic – no funny smells or colors here! No dyes, hormones, antibiotics or farming methods used either! This stuff is the real deal.

As a Dietitian, I encourage my clients to meet the national recommendation and consume fish at least 2x/week. The benefits of fish consumption are well documented – especially fish high in omega 3’s and DHA’s/EPA’s (inflammation, cardiovascular disease, cognition) such as salmon. But beyond the salmon, the shrimp and cod each hold their own nutritional benefits. Shrimp, for example, is high in multiple essential minerals such as selenium (high antioxidant content) and B12 (lacking in diets for those that do not consume meat). Cod, on the other hand, has a substantial serving of vitamin D, a fat-soluble vitamin that is often produced in the body when exposed to sunlight. In many States (and UK), where sunlight in the winter is decreased, Vitamin D deficiency is incredibly common. PLUS, this pack comes with 3 servings of fish, which will ensure that you meet the national recommendation and more!

Now the starter pack is retailed at $50.94 but is offered for $40.75! While this is not meant to be inexpensive option, it sure takes the hassle out of going to the fish store and seeing what’s fresh! In terms of my clients, I know this would be a great option for the busy men and women out there who might not have time to run to the fish market every week, but can afford to eat fish 3x a week (obviously, you don’t have to eat it all in one week – it comes frozen and can be kept in the freezer!). This is a high-quality service delivering high-quality products at a reasonable, not discounted, price!

My favorite recipe creation with my Sea 2 Table order was my twist on fish and chips. I lived in England for nearly 18 months, so any time we went to a pub for dinner/lunch, fish & chips it was!!! I breaded my cod in panko and baked it for 10-12 minutes on 375F. I paired it with spiced sweet potato fries (sliced thin and seasoned with paprika, EVOO, salt and pepper and baked on 400 for 45 minutes), a green salad and avocado…Delicious!!!

Clearly, I would recommend Sea 2 Table 100%

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