• Bari Stricoff, MSc, RDN

Loaded Sweet Potato Breakfast

There are two types of people in this world: those that prefer a savoury breakfast, and those that prefer a sweet one. I, for one, am usually the former, always gravitating towards scrambled eggs and avocado. Yet, sometimes I wake up wanting something a bit sweet! Some days it's pancakes or oatmeal, and recently it's been a loaded baked sweet potato. Sounds weird, I know, as many of us prefer to eat sweet potatoes with dinner or lunch. I usually consume mine roasted with olive oil, cayenne pepper or chilli powder.

Well, I woke up one morning craving something sweet, yet my cabinets were completely bare of all my go-to's. I did, however, have a baked sweet potato in the fridge I roasted the night before. And then I remembered my mother's mashed sweet potato recipe I used to LOVE at Thanksgiving, which was topped with mini marshmallows (omg, so good). It then CLICKED - I can have the sweet potato as a SWEET breakfast!

So, I popped the baked sweet potato into the microwave to heat up and topped it with THE GOODS! First I sautéed some bananas in butter and cinnamon. Then, I layered my potato with yogurt, blueberries, the bananas, almond butter and some ginger-spiced nuts! And, OMG, it was delicious. But beyond the sensational taste, this is quite the nutritionally dense breakfast...

The sweet potato provided an incredible source of complex carbohydrates and fiber, providing myself with energy for the day, and fiber to stabilize my blood sugars. The yogurt added a great deal of protein and calcium, the almond butter and nuts provided healthy fats, and the fruit added some more sweetness and vitamins/antioxidants!

I highly recommend giving this sweet potato breakfast a try!

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