There is no such thing as a "One Size Fits All" approach to health and nutrition. As individuals, it is necessary to understand that what works for one person, may not work for another. I believe it is important to find what works best for our bodies and not compare ourselves to others. That is why I work with my clients to develop a bespoke experience to help them meet their personal goals.  


With that being said, I believe nutrition and wellness do not have to be complicated or require a ton of products! There are no rules when it comes to eating and all foods fit within the diet! It is important to fuel our bodies with nutrient-dense meals, but this is not so black and white. Lots of vegetables, fiber, fruit, healthy fat, lean protein and complex carbs are important to nourish your body and help you feel your best, but chocolate cake and ice cream can still be enjoyed.


 I help my clients meet their personal nutrition-related goals and maintain a healthy relationship with food. As a dietitian, I provide my clients with the recent evidence-based advice, recommendations and education to help them make the right decisions, as well as the confidence to do so! 

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